Selasa, 13 April 2010

contoh essay dalam bahasa inggris

English is difficult lesson for some students in Indonesia. It is because English has totally different vocabulary and pronunciation from Indonesian language. Actually, there are several ways to learn English easily. One of the ways is by watching English movies. In fact, there are several advantages of watching English movies in increasing English skills for students such as increasing vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening skills.

The first advantage of watching English movies for students is improving the ability of students in vocabulary skill. It is because English movies in Indonesia usually have subtitles in Indonesian language. Firstly, students stand a chance of hearing all the vocabulary students know. When the students do not understand meaning of one word, students can see the meaning in the subtitle. As the result, the familiarly used words category in student’s brain will increase. 

The second advantage that students will get by watching English movies is students will be better in pronouncing words in English.  It is because when watching an English movie, students will hear the true pronunciation of a word from actors or actress. After hearing the true pronunciation of a word, students can practice by imitating the spoken of actors or actress. From that, students can improve their ability in pronunciation. 

When watching English movies students usually will hear the actors and actress spoken English in different accent, tone, and style. It means students can be stumped by someone saying the same things, but with a different accent, or tone. It is the third advantage of watching English movies for students. On English movies, students get to hear a huge variety of regional accents, which after a time, almost automatically raises student’s ability to comprehend language when it is spoken by someone whose accent is unfamiliar. With the result, student will be better in listening skills.

In simple terms, by watching English movies, students will remember the words more easily and thus be able to recognize it when it is spoken and probably be able to use it correctly too. It means it can help students in increasing their ability in vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills so students will be better in their English lesson.

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